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BEST BUY UK #1Call Of Juarez (Xbox 360) price Reviews uk

Call Of Juarez (Xbox 360)

51DZat Ev4L BEST BUY UK #1Call Of Juarez (Xbox 360) price Reviews uk

  • 2 Gameplay styles: Play as Billy, using discretion to escape the men who seek you. In case of difficulty, use your whip to hit, knock out and disarm adversaries, or simply climb surfaces or grab objects out of reach. Play as Ray and let brute force do the talking – an excellent horseback rider, Ray is also a master of pistol and rifle, and can carry heavy objects to smash down the doors that stand in his way.
  • Multiplayer: 18 maps, 5 multiplayer modes and 4 playable character classes. Take part in a thrilling multiplayer experience that includes showdowns in the middle of the town and bank robberies!
  • New single-player modes (Exclusive Xbox 360): 3 new levels playing as Billy no sneaking and hiding, but in full gunslinger mode!
  • Graphical & technical boost (Exclusive Xbox 360): HDR textures, more realistic lighting on vegetation, better FX rendering and solid frame rate (40 FPS VS 20 FPS on PC).
  • Enhanced AI (Exclusive Xbox 360): A refined AI provides a realistic gameplay experience, with more reactive NPCs. Players encounter enemies with individual skills, who use their environments to their advantage, employ suppressive fire and work together as a group to shoot them down.
  • Re-Designed Billy levels (Exclusive Xbox 360): Make them more action-driven and rewarding (considered as too slow paced in the PC version).
  • Proprietary Engine (Exclusive Xbox 360): Developed from the ground up for the next-gen console, this allows organic game design featuring open gameplay, intuitive control scheme, realistic interaction with environment, and a fluid, yet sharp, combat mechanic.
  • New music tracks (Exclusive Xbox 360): Further adding to the distinct flavor and atmosphere of the Wild West and spaghetti western are 20 new music tracks.

51DZat Ev4L. SL160  BEST BUY UK #1Call Of Juarez (Xbox 360) price Reviews uk

Price: £37.99

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